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Word Count | Count Word, Characters & Paragraphs Instantly

Count the Words & Letters in Text.

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Word Count | Count Word, Characters & Paragraphs Instantly

What is Word count ?

Count words, characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real-time with our powerful AI generated Word Count tool, an intuitive online application that also checks grammar and spelling. You may either start typing right into the text field above or copy and paste your content from another location. Your most used terms will be on the right, word and character counts will be at the top, and any writing errors will be highlighted. Word Counter also allows you to measure the length of your content about web standards such as the 140-character limit for tweets on Twitter, the 300-character limit for meta descriptions on Google, and the about 250-character average for posts on Facebook. The counter will display the number of sentences, paragraphs, and pages if your text is longer than 360 characters; these are helpful metrics for long-form writing such as essays, dissertations, papers, blog posts, and articles.

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