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HTML Formatter | Format HTML Quickly & Easily

Format HTML code that is unformatted.

HTML Formatter | Format HTML Quickly & Easily

What is a tool for formatting HTML?

Our AI generated tool to make your HTML code look nicer is called HTML formatter. Copy and paste any unindented or minified codes to receive a formatted or beautiful output.

Why is HTML code formatted?

Enhancing the appearance of unindented or minified code facilitates easier reading, comprehension, and debugging for developers. Additionally, it facilitates developers' ability to read the code of other developers.

How does this tool for formatting HTML operate?

The code formatting process is facilitated by the usage of a Javascript formatting library by this online formatter tool. Regular expressions are used on the source code by the library to function. Regular expression wraps lines, eliminates superfluous lines, inserts the proper indentations, and matches the codes.

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