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URL Decode | Decode Your URL Instantly For Free

Decode any URL that has been encoded.

URL Decode | Decode Your URL Instantly For Free

What is URL decoding?

The process of converting encoded characters in a URL to their true representations is known as URL decoding or URL Decode. URLs frequently contain symbols like "%20" for space or "%2F" for a forward slash when you surf the internet. The intended readable format is revealed by decoding these symbols.

Why URL Decoder Required?

In order to guarantee data security and integrity during transmission, web applications encrypt URLs. But it becomes crucial for consumers and developers to comprehend the content of encoded URLs. This is especially important when exchanging links, troubleshooting, or examining web interactions.

How does URL Decoding work?

The following guidelines are used to decode HTML form parameters, path parameters, and query strings: The alphanumeric characters 0 through 9 and A through Z are constant and never change. Safe characters such as -, _, ~, and ~ also stay the same and don't change. Any sequence of the type %xy is considered as a byte where xy is the two-digit hexadecimal representation of the 8 bits. Next, the character or characters whose encoding would produce those consecutive bytes are substituted for all substrings that include one or more of these byte sequences consecutively.

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