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Line Break Remover | Remove Line Break From Code Online

Remove Line Breaks from Text

Line Break Remover | Remove Line Break From Code Online

What is Line Break?

A line break in a character encoding specification (like ASCII or Unicode) is a control symbol or a group of control characters that indicates the end of one string line and the beginning of a new one. Text formatting frequently involves beginning a new line in text-based user interfaces. The HTML element is employed as a line break indicator. A blank line denotes a line break in Notepad syntax.

What can you do with Line Breaks Remover?

  • This tool helps quickly and efficiently remove all line breaks from text data.
  • With the help of this tool, text can be loaded from a URL that eliminates line breaks. Press the URL button, type the URL, and press "Submit."
  • By uploading the file, users can also extract text data with line breaks from it.
  • Functions of Line Breaks Remover Online are compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, MAC, Linux, and Windows.

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