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SSL Checker | Check SSL Certificate For Free Online

Check SSL certificate of any website.

SSL Checker | Check SSL Certificate For Free Online

What is an SSL checker?

The abbreviation SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It's a common security solution that creates a secure connection between the web server and the browser. The privacy of the sent data is guaranteed by an SSL connection. Transport Layer Security, or TLS, is another name for the SSL. To switch from HTTP to HTTPS, the website needs an SSL certificate. The data file that resides on the website origin server and enables SSL/TLS encryption is called an SSL. There are two keys in it: a public key and a private key. These keys work together to make it possible to establish an encrypted connection. Additionally, the certificate includes "subject," which is the owner of the certificate and website's identification.

Various Types Of SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are classified as follows based on the domains:

Single domain: Only one domain name is covered by this kind of SSL certificate.

Wildcard: This kind of SSL certificate can be used for subdomains in addition to a single domain. Take blog.Site.com, for example. 

Multi-domain: You can use these SSL certificates for a number of different, unrelated domains. 

Additionally, there might be variations in the validation levels linked to each SSL certificate. SSL certificates go into one of two categories based on the validation level:

Domain level validation: The company must demonstrate that they are in control of the domain name in order for this validation to apply to just the domain name.

Organization validation: These are more reliable since the business will be contacted directly by the certifying authority (CA) to issue the certificate. 

Extended validation: Prior to issuing the certificate, the CA performs a more extensive procedure and background check for this certificate level. 

You can determine the validity of the website based on the SSL certification level and proceed with the appropriate care.

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